The current E-learning program is adapted, extended and updated from Leonardo da Vinci Partnership 1 (2009-2011). Further information about the LdV1 can be found here.

LdV 1 Partnership (2009-2011)

The LdV 1 Partnership for the Early Detection of Oral Cancer – Life Long Learning, consisted of 6 members from 3 EU countries: UK, Greece and Italy.

Founding members of the Partnership were:

  • Professor Saman Warnakulasuriya and Dr. Andrew Gould (UK)

  • Professor Michele Mignogna and Dr. Stefania Leuci (Italy)

  • Professor Alexander Rapidis and Mrs. Iphigenia Thermidou (Greece)

Website – early history

In 2005, the Department of Health (UK) had commissioned Professor Saman Warnakulasuriya to develop an E-learning module on Early Detection of Oral Cancer for Continuing Professional Development of UK Registered dentists. Based on this educational module The Dental Channel (UK) produced a CD-ROM designed by Dr Andrew Gould for free distribution to 1000 UK dentists.

LdV 1 Website was based on the abridged version of the CD-ROM that had been published before and was designed by Dr Andrew Gould. Dr. Gould also maintained the website throughout the duration of the LdV1 partnership and made all necessary additions and corrections acting as webmaster.

LdV 2 Partnership (2012-2014)

Current LdV 2 Partnership consists of 8 members from 4 EU countries: UK, Greece, Ireland and Spain. The current members of the Partnership are:

  • Professor Saman Warnakulasuriya and Dr. Rui Albuquerque (London, UK)

  • Professor Alexander Rapidis and Mrs. Iphigenia Thermidou (Greece)

  • Dr. Conor McAlister and Dr. Paul McEvoy (Dublin, Ireland)

  • Professors Juan Manuel Seoane and Pedro Diz Dios (Santiago de Compostela, Spain)


Translations of the English text to several European languages have been undertaken by several partners belonging to both LdV1 and LdV 2 and additional silent partners incorporated for this purpose.

Greek Translation: Professor Alexander Rapidis and Mrs. Iphigenia Thermidou

Italian Translation: Professor Michele Mignogna and Dr. Stefania Leuci

Spanish Translation: Professors Juan Manuel Seoane and Pedro Diz Dios

Portuguese Translation: Dr Marcio Diniz Freitas (Based in Santiago), Dr Luís Silva Monteiro (based in Oporto) and Dr Rui Albuquerque (from Lisbon, based in the UK)

French Translation: Dr Jean Christophe Frician

Swiss – German Translation: Dr Valerie Suter and Dr Michael Bornstein

As a result of this common effort the website contains information in 7 EU languages.