Partner Countries

Over the course of this partnership, our partner countries have included Greece, United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland and Spain.

Current Partners

Participating Trainees

Silent Partners

  • Professor Michele Mignogna (Italy)

  • Dr Luis Monteiro (Portugal)

  • Dr Marcio Diniz-Freitas (Spain)

  • Dr Michael Bornstein (Switzerland)

  • Dr Valerie Suter (Switzerland)


2012-2014 Partnership

Partnership title

The use of lifelong learning and e-learning as an educational tool to improve oral cancer screening and early detection by medical and dental professionals in Europe.

Partner countries
Greece, United Kingdom, Spain and Ireland
Professor Alexander Rapidis (Greece)

Professor Saman Warnakulasuriya (UK)
Dr Rui P Albuquerque (UK)
Mrs. Iphigenia Thermidou (Greece)
Professor Juan Manuel Seoane (Spain)
Professor Pedro Diz Dios (Spain)
Dr. Conor McAlister (Ireland)
Dr. Paul McEvoy (Ireland)

Participating Trainees

Dr Daniel Lenouvel (UK)
Dr Aisling Whitaker (Ireland)

Silent partners
Professor Michele Mignogna (Italy)
Dr Luis Monteiro (Portugal)
Dr Marcio Diniz-Freitas (Spain)
Dr Michael Bornstein (Switzerland)
Dr Valerie Suter (Switzerland)

This European partnership has met on nine occasions:

  • in Athens on Friday February 22 2013
  • in London on Tuesday March 5 2013
  • in Santiago de Compostela on Friday June 21 2013
  • in Dublin on Friday September 12 2013
  • in London on Friday December 6 2013
  • in Santiago de Compostela on Thursday & Friday February 13-14 2014 (supplementary)
  • in Santiago de Compostela on Friday March 21 2014
  • in Dublin on Friday May 16 2014
  • in Athens on Friday June 20 2014

For more details on the current partnership, visit our project information page

2009-2011 Partnership

Partnership title

Raising awareness of Dental Professionals on Oral Cancer Screening and Early Detection through Lifelong Learning

Partner countries
Greece, United Kingdom and Italy

Professor Alexander Rapidis (Greece)


Professor Saman Warnakulasuriya (UK)
Professor Michele Mignogna (Italy)
Dr. Andrew Gould (UK)
Dr. Stefania Leuci (Italy)
Mrs. Iphigenia Thermidou (Greece)


Education and Culture DG – Lifelong Learning programme

This project is part of the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme that funds ‘mobility’ initiatives. These enable co-operative projects to transfer or develop innovative practices and networks focusing on topical educational themes.

Leonardo da Vinci enables organisations in the education or vocational sector to work with partners from across Europe, exchange best practices, and develop material to promote staff expertise.

About our project
Oral cancer is the sixth most common malignancy reported worldwide and affects lips, tongue and mouth. The incidence, and mortality from mouth cancer is rising in several regions of Europe. In the early stages oral cancer remains asymptomatic. Proper (systematic) visual inspection of the oral cavity and adjunctive tests may lead to identifying these early asymptomatic lesions and people at risk. Most oral cancers are however, detected at a late stage, when treatment is complex, costly and has poor outcomes.

  • to create cooperation among institutions at European level on raising awareness on oral cancer
  • to develop strategies to involve dental professionals in screening for mouth cancer at every dental visit
  • improving dentists’ skills in the control and prevention by appropriate interventions that contribute to reducing risk factors in the community
  • to produce educational materials to serve health professionals in further education

This European partnership has met on six occasions;

  • in Athens on 22 January 201 and 24-25 June 2011
  • in London on 30 March 2010 and 23 September 2010
  • and in Naples on 26 November 2010 and 27 May 2011